Kartel Loves the Planet

+++ September 2019 +++

Kartell – Smart Wood Collection

In the mood for Smart Wood: The Kartell Smart Wood Collection was born from continuous research and innovation, elements which form part of the company's DNA. The creative concept developed by Philippe Starck began with the choice of the natural material wood, which was transformed by Kartell into an industrial product. Using a special, patented technique, a thin layer of wood is worked with a mold that bends it to its breaking point to create a seat with unprecedented roundness.




Popstahl Berlin

+++ September 2019 +++

Popstahl - After work, before weekend at the Spree

Popstahl Küchen Berlin, Reuber & Henning carpets from high-quality natural material and MBzwo, tailor-made tables, invite to the after work event WOOL - WOOD - STEEL at the Spree to showcase their timeless wool carpets, individual wooden tables and colored steel kitchens and serve finger food, non-alcoholic gin, wine and beer.




Rubelli Armani final 2

 +++ August 2019 +++

10-years anniversary – ARMANI/CASA Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli 2019

The excellence and uniqueness of Italian creativity and international style are the hallmarks of Giorgio Armani and Rubelli, two world brands celebrating their 10-year collaboration this year. With the collection ARMANI/CASA Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli 2019. Since the partnership was founded in 2009, the designs of the ARMANI/CASA Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection follow a clear style that is constantly broken up with creative looks and contrasts, creating a deep bond between fashion and interior.




Krtel Neu neu

 +++ August 2019 +++

Kartell Loves The Planet

"Kartell Loves The Planet" is the industrial manifesto with which Kartell supports its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. All of the raw materials used by Kartell are fully recyclable and can find new life thanks to material processing for industrial products. Research and technological development, today as it was seventy years ago, makes it possible to continue using materials that can be regenerative and that have no negative impact on the environment. All product packaging is 100% recyclable. Throughout the whole production process chain, Kartell commits itself to protect the environment and comply with sustainability requirements.




La Perla

 +++ August 2019 +++

Hotel La Perla - Redesign at La Stüa de Michil Restaurant

Before the summer season, the kitchen of the Michelin-starred restaurant has been completely renovated and redesigned, for chef Nicola Laera and his team to work as well and effectively as possible. The restaurant itself has been newly arranged, without losing its unique atmosphere, of course. In the Anna-Stube, a historic room, there is now a large window to the kitchen, through which guests and cooks can interact. In addition, the shaft, which leads from the restaurant to the wine cellar, has been replaced to the center of the room and fully glassed. Now the guests can watch how the sommelier let himself down on a slide bar into the cellar to reappear with the desired bottle.