LG 2020 Mai

+++ May 2020 +++

LITTLE GREENE Exterior Paints

The family-run British paint manufacturer LITTLE GREENE offers a spectacular range of exterior colours that not only look fantastic and have an excellent finish, but are also durable and practical. The colours are formulated to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and UV light. Let the garden season come!




News AprilHastens

+++ April 2020 +++

HÄSTENS x Ferris Rafauli – Grand Vividus

HÄSTENS presents an exclusive project in collaboration with the renowned designer Ferris Rafauli - a handcrafted masterpiece that offers a new level of comfort, craftsmanship and luxury based on 168 years of experience: the Grand Vividus.




NEWS April 20 Kauflokal

+++ April 2020 +++

KAUFLOKAL.com the digital local marketplace!

The joint project KAUFLOKAL.com of the norisk Group and the Munich-based initiative KAUF LOKAL goes live on April 6 with a digital marketplace for local trade.  Closed shops, empty pedestrian zones and city centres, virtually no more sales and an uncertain future for the retail trade show the urgent need for action to break new ground and implement novel projects as quickly as possible. The digital project aims to promote the online business of local stationary retailers in Germany and will initially start in Munich. 




Rubelli Matteo


+++ April 2020 +++

RUBELLI CASA: Matteo Nunziati becomes new creative director.


Five years after the creation of RUBELLI CASA, RUBELLI transfers the creative management of his RUBELLI CASA brand to Matteo Nunziati. The architect not only designs numerous pieces of furniture for the brand, studying every single piece in detail, but also coordinates the entire brand image.




Kartell News

+++ March 2020 +++

KARTELL and Fiat united in the new Fiat 500 full electric

Two of the leading "Made in Italy" brands united. Design meets innovation with the use of sustainable materials to protect the environment. At KARTELL's creative lab, where ideas, innovations, materials and technology are combined, a new project has been created that brings together two world-renowned Italian brands: KARTELL and Fiat. The result is the Special Edition 500 Kartell for the launch of the new Fiat 500 full electric.