NEMO 10 2020

+++ October 2020 +++

NEMO opens BORGONUOVO19 in Milan


On the occasion of the Milano Design City from 28 September to 10 October, NEMO will open its new brand space in the historic centre of the city. At BORGONUOVO19, with the exhibition "A Path for Lighting Art", NEMO will be showing the various possibilities of architectural lighting from its NEMO STUDIO division, making it possible to put every work of art and the painting techniques associated with it in the right light. 


Little Greene 09 20

+++ September 2020 +++

Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion

LITTLE GREENE stands not only for a particularly imaginative colour palette, but also for an excellent quality of colours. The classic of LITTLE GREENE - the Absolute Matt Emulsion - is more popular than ever. Especially in these times, when many people are renovating and beautifying their homes themselves, Absolute Matt Emulsion is the first choice for many for a new wall paint. 


Kustermann 08 20 2

+++ September 2020 +++

222 years Kustermann

For 222 years now, the traditional house Kustermann has been a constant in Munich's city centre for beautiful gifts and useful items for daily use at home. The family business is now in its seventh generation and is an institution with a lot of heart, traditional flair and progressive spirit.

Congratulations on the 222th anniversary! 


Rubelli 08 2020

+++ August 2020 +++

Rubelli Casa Collection 2020 | NAVA+AROSIO

In addition to the main collection of Matteo Nunziati, this year there are also new creations by Studio NAVA+AROSIO for Rubelli Casa. The two young designers Luca Maria Arosio and Paolo Emanuele Nava have already enriched Rubelli's furniture landscape in previous years with their innovative designs, which bring forms and materials into an interesting relationship with each other. 



+++ August 2020 +++

Hästens Dream Factory - Digital Edition

Magdalena Rejman, Global Sleep/product Trainer, will lead a ZOOM Tour of Passion on August 19 and 26 through the Hästens factory and talk about the handcrafted production process, the natural materials used and the benefits of a good night's sleep.