+++ December 2020 +++

LITTLE GREENE launches the STONE colour collection


Stone' - a new versatile capsule collection of 36 natural shades that convey warmth, calm, timelessness and harmony. Available from January 2021, 'Stone' offers a selection of finely coordinated natural colours. To this end, 22 new colours have been created and supplemented with 14 shades from the LITTLE GREENE archives. With 'Stone', LITTLE GREENE continues its collaboration with the National Trust - Europe's largest organisation for the protection of historic monuments.




+++ December 2020 +++

NEMO launches KEPLER PETITE by Arihiro Miyake

The KEPLER pendant lamp by Arihiro Miyake for NEMO was previously available in two sizes - KEPLER and KEPLER MINOR. This year, the PETITE version will delight you with its dynamic shape. Based on the geometric principle of the Möbius strip, Arihiro Miyake created a luminaire consisting of an endless line. Only through a three-dimensional machining process developed by NEMO and using the latest LED technology is it possible to create this structure in extruded aluminum. The result is a pendant lamp with a feather-light design.



MEH 11 2020

+++ November 2020 +++


BETTER FRIDAY - MÜNCHENS ERSTE HÄUSER sets a clear signal for the third time in a row on 27 November on the world-famous "Black Friday" to show solidarity with one another instead of loud, medially exaggerated consumer actions. On November 27th 2020, the traditional Munich stores Hirmer, Hugendubel, Kustermann and Sporthaus Schuster will donate a portion of their daily turnover to the Münchner GESELLSCHAFT MACHT SCHULE as part of their joint campaign.



Hästens 11 2020

+++ November 2020 +++

Hästens launches first own restore app

Since 1852 Hästens has been committed to helping people get the best possible sleep. 168 years later Hästens presents the very first digital "Hästens Restore" app. Hästens Restore is not only a traditional mindfulness app, but also helps to positively influence everyday situations.




Costa 11 2020

+++ November 2020 +++

Costa Family Foundation - a solidarity that tastes of fruit


The exceptional Italian confectioner Andrea Tortora bakes a delicious panettone for the Costa Family Foundation, a typical northern Italian pastry which is as much a part of Christmas as the candles on the Christmas tree. The proceeds will go to a new project of the Costa Family Foundation at the foot of the mountains of Chichihuistán in Mexico.