+++ August 2022 +++

Action sports photography in postmodern architecture

The internationally renowned action sports photographer Lorenz Holder has been working with WhiteWall for several years - and is one of the exclusive group of WhiteWall Ambassadors. In his pictures, the viewer is invited to discover. Action sports are often only visible here at second glance. Holder's works are very often characterised by a very high conceptual effort in which he always tries to go new and creative ways. This is also partly reflected in his shooting techniques, in which he uses unusual techniques such as infrared cameras but also old, large-format view cameras to translate his ideas into pictures.





+++ August 2022 +++

Cloud 9: the new collection from Perennials. 

Woven from fine 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, Perennials fabrics and rugs are resistant to UV rays, mildew and fading, and stand the test of time against environmental elements. They stand up to life's everyday adventures without sacrificing textile qualities, making them a great fit for any indoor or outdoor space. All Perennials fabrics are tested and certified for resistance to soil, water, UV radiation, tearing and abrasion. In addition, they are characterised by their great insensitivity and positive care properties.





+++ July 2022 +++

Kartell Re-Chair - Powered by illycaffè

In the continuous research process followed by Kartell to develop new materials and promote sustainable, innovative production, a new important partnership with illycaffè inserts itself. Two top companies of the "Made in Italy" have joined forces to contribute to the sustainability of our planet, supporting production models of the circular economy.







+++ July 2022 +++

Lexington 25 Years Collection 2022

This year, Lexington is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is launching an anniversary collection to mark the occasion - consisting of the most popular products of the past years. To select these, Lexington asked its most loyal customers to vote. Via social media, people were able to vote for different products and this Lexington Company 25 Years Collection was born. It brings back some beloved Lexington icons!





++ July 2022 +++

Claudio Luti, CEO of Kartell, honored with Red Dot Personality Prize 2022

Claudio Luti, CEO of Kartell, has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot: Personality Prize. The honorary title has been awarded since 2020 to significant international entrepreneurial personalities in the design industry who have distinguished themselves through their commitment and industrial vision.