2_21_Nemo+++ February 2021 +++

Nemo Studio presents DESK MATRIX

Nemo Studio introduces an addition to the Linescapes family in the new year. The DESK MATRIX series extends the appearance of the well-known minimalist light lines with the closed form. Until now, the Linescapes were available as pendant, wall or floor luminaires or as individual modules for freely planned lighting installations.





+++ February 2021 +++

Two brothers carry on a legacy while treading their own paths.

For around 20 years now, Johannes and Lukas Weibel have been jointly managing the company Intertime, which their father founded in the 1960s. The brothers are proud of this heritage and want to continue to lead it into the future. But in order to tread their own paths as well, the two brothers have spent the last five years working on another label. Johannes and Lukas also wanted to start something new. Furniture whose design language they could create themselves in a completely new way and which would translate their values even more clearly. That's why Intertime AG's new furniture brand is named after them: WEIBELWEIBEL.



+++ January 2021 +++

Hästens - Good sleep in special places

Hästens partners with selected hotels around the world to provide travelers with the best possible sleep while on the road. From small design boutique hotels to 5-star hotels, the timeless Scandinavian design of Hästens beds in their signature check pattern blends in with the ambiance. Whether in beautiful nature on the Swedish island of Gotland or in a Mediterranean climate in France, Hästens beds offer the best conditions for restful sleep in any environment thanks to their premium workmanship - when carefree traveling is possible again.





+++ January 2021 +++

Rubelli x Wittmann | Luca Nichetto connects two historic brands

Luca Nichetto chose Venice as the place to bring together the Italian premium textile manufacturer Rubelli and the Austrian luxury furniture manufacturer Wittmann. Ca' Pisani Rubelli, the atmospheric Venice location that houses Rubelli's showroom and archives, served as the backdrop for the photo shoot of the ANDES and PARADISE BIRD collections Nichetto designed for Wittmann.





+++ January 2021 +++

Pantone Color of the Year

This time Pantone surprises with two colors of the year 2021 - PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating and PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray. Illuminating, a bright and cheerful yellow, sparkles with vibrancy and inspires confidence with its warmth. The subtly calming Ultimate Gray stands for serenity and consistency. This interplay of light-footed positivity and down-to-earth strength is good in a time of persistent uncertainty, when one wishes for strength, clarity and hope. The color team 2021 inspires new, positive concepts of thinking and living.